How to Make Pillow boxes With Cheap and Professional Ways?

The trend of giving a gift to someone whom you also give more importance in your life is a quite amazing thing. Many people use to give different things in the shape of gifts to each other to make some memories in the shape of these gift items. You may have the choice to give multiple of things to any one according to the occasion. There are also many types of gift boxes available in the market which you can use them for packing your gift items in it.

Different shapes and colors are also available in the market of these impressively designed gift boxes. This could be up to you what sort of box you like to select for the gift item. People today like to have a most attractive thing for their gift item in the shape of elegantly designed and made boxes. Pillow boxes are one of the preferable items consider among the best choice between people of this era. These pillow boxes are elegantly designed and shaped. You may easily get these boxes from the market with multiple types of options and choice you may select. These boxes are especially used for packing chocolates, jewelry items, cash and many more other things in it. You may also use these pillow boxes for any special occasion like birthday, you can use these boxes by packing the candies in it to your guests and you can decide to give one box to an individual or a couple. Same like that, you may likewise use these boxes at a wedding reception, on Christmas occasion and many more events sufficiently. Today we will discuss how to make these custom pillow boxes at home as per your desire and need and how you can decorate them as per your desire.

 The Material you required:

  • Card Board
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Cd or any round shape item
  • Ribbon and buttons
  • Colors, Spray


Step 1:

Start your work by choosing the right design for your pillow box which you like. You may also select the size and shape of your pillow boxes. Take the print on the paper of your desire to draw it on the card board to get the accurate box which you require. After taking the print, cut the design with the help of scissor and take care while cutting the design that you should get the right borders cut from all the way.

Step 2:

With the help of a ruler, draw the straight line on the card board so you can get two rectangles on the card board. With the help of cd, draw with the pencil or marker bold lines on the top and bottom edges in half. So you may have an idea to turn the paper into the right direction.

Step 3:

Fold over the half inch of the flap of card board and with the help of glue join them with each other by folding the turned area into the sequence. Also, try to push some pressure on the box so the glue can easily join them all.

Step 4:

Now you have the final shape of your desired Custom Pillow Boxes. You may also use ribbon on the box to decorate it very well. With the help of glue, you can paste the ribbon on your desired way to make it more beautiful and elegant. you may likewise use buttons to paste on the ribbon by the help of glue. This would really enhance the beauty of your pillow box in a unique way.

You may also order these pillow boxes through the internet and these companies will actually deliver you the thing of your desire. They will not charge any hidden charges from you. These boxes are very cost effective if you try to make them at home or decide to order them through online process. Isn’t it an amazing thing to have? You may likewise use them all of your occasions sufficiently.